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Payroll /Work passes application


Payroll processing can be very complex. There may be risk of miscalculations which may direct impact staff and management. By outsourcing your payroll to Uzuree, you can enjoy assistance on newly hired payroll, termination of payroll, computation of overtime as well as CPF contribution from both employers and employees. 

Our fee for CPF account set up at $100 (one-off payment) and monthly payroll retainer at $130 per month. Payroll processing fee at $20 per person.

Besides that, applying passes for employees may be hassle for newly start up companies or very lean organisations with limited resources available. Save the trouble and pass us your passes application. We will follow up and update your firm throughout the application process.


EPOL/WPOL Account set up at $100 (one-off payment). All passes application at $300 per application. Dependent pass application at $120 per application.

Payroll service: Service
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